How to Dress Like a Supermodel

How to Dress Like a Supermodel

When it comes to fashion icons, who could be better than a supermodel? Known for their incredible figures, natural good looks, and glowing skin, models have it pretty easy when it comes to looking good. But that doesn’t stop them from looking incredible both on and off the runway and from going all out when it comes to fashion. A few of our favorite models in terms of their fashion sense include Miranda Kerr, Giselle, and Kate Moss. These women have incredible bodies and they know how to dress them. While it might seem that the only reason they look good is because of their looks, it’s actually not the case at all. They put an incredible amount of effort into crafting their looks. And luckily for us, you don’t have to be a supermodel to look good in most of the stuff they wear. Dressing and looking like a supermodel comes down to a few things: confidence, simplicity, and good taste. With these three things anyone can look like a model. Here are three pieces of clothing we highly recommend having in your closet if you want to channel the super model look!
1) A selection of skinny jeans
Models love skinny jeans not only because they accentuate their already long and toned legs. Skinny jeans are universally flattering if you find the right fit and cut. Once you find the right pair don’t be afraid to purchase it in an assortment of different colors and prints. Skinny jeans are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. They look just as good with a pair of flats as they do with sky high heels. They can easily take you from day to night and they’re the perfect base for almost any outfit. What more could you possibly want from a pair of pants?!

2) The accessories make the look
There’s a reason why everyone talks about the importance of investing in high end accessories. High quality accessories like designer bags, shoes, and sunglasses can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Having the right accessories can take an average outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Save your money and invest in high end bags and shoes and you’ll never look back! These pieces are seriously worth saving up for and they will give any outfit a high end look!

3) Blazers
We can’t rave about blazers enough. Blazers are the must have piece to have in your wardrobe. We recommend buying them in every style, color and cut you can find because you can literally never go wrong with them. Blazers have a supernatural ability to transform outfits. They make everything from a simple pair of jeans or a sun dress look incredible. They’re classy and sophisticated and they will make your life so much easier!


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