Tips for Dressing Like a Parisian

Tips for Dressing Like a Parisian

Women all over the world envy French women for their simple, elegant and chic style. Parisians have won over the fashion world and made a name for themselves as the epitome of elegance. Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris or just looking to revamp your style, taking a few tips from these stylish women will have you looking effortlessly chic in no time.

What makes Parisian style so wonderful is that even though it’s very simple, it stands out. Sometimes less really is more that very true in this case. If you want to dress like a Parisian, start by collecting some simple but crucial pieces. These include but are not limited to a high quality striped t-shirt. The stripes can be any color but black and white or blue and white are two combinations that can never go wrong. Make sure you have a classic black dress that you can wear for any number of formal occasions like a date night, a party, or an event.

Make sure the dress is relatively simple so that it can be dressed up in a number of different ways. If you can take the dress from day to night, that’s even better! Invest in an A-line skirt that you love. It doesn’t matter what color the skirt is but remember you will get the most wear out of pieces in neutral colors like white, cream, black and red.

Right now midi-length skirts are having a major comeback so if you can find a skirt that comes far below your knees, all the better! For pants, try finding a pair of dark washed denim that looks great on you. It doesn’t matter if the jeans are skinny, straight leg, or flared. Just make sure the pair you choose fits well and looks simple.

When it comes to accessory, French women are known for two things: ballet flats and lots of scarves. Ballet flats are an essential piece to have in any wardrobe. Don’t be intimidated to try flats if you aren’t tall. They can be worn by women of any height and they will always look fantastic. If you’re able to, invest in a great pair that will last you many years. If you’re shopping on a budget, don’t be afraid to pick up a pair at Forever 21! A great trick that many Parisian women swear by is to wear flats any time you wear a dress that comes above or around your knees. This keeps the look classy, elegant, and simple.

Now for the scarves! You can collect a number of scarves from almost any store as they’re so popular right now. They literally give any outfit an added dimension of sophistication as soon as they’re thrown on. You can wear them in a number of different ways throughout the year.

When it comes to jewelry, keep it simple. Coco Chanel herself once said to always take off the last accessory you put on before you leave the house. Keep this rule in mind and stick to classic pieces of jewelry like pearl earnings, dainty gold necklaces, and thin rings when accessorizing. With these tips you’ll look like you stepped out of a Parisian magazine!!


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