3 Easy Ways to Get Insta-Famous Fast

3 Easy Ways to Get Insta-Famous Fast

Ladies, there is no app quite as popular right now as Instagram. Whether you’re using it for personal reasons or for business purposes, Instagram is the one and only app that can take you from obscurity to fame in a matter of days. While it might seem difficult to gain a following on Instagram it’s actually not the case at all.

Everyday millions of people join Instagram and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. Hence, there’s literally an audience for every picture but it’s all about finding that audience.

So we here at Local Glamour thought why not share a few tips and get you on the road to stardom.


Here are our top three tips:


  1. Post Good Quality Pictures

This should be obvious but the easiest way to gain followers on Instagram is by posting good quality pictures. You don’t necessarily need to have a DSLR to get great pictures. IPhone cameras are great as well. It’s all about how you use your camera. Study some basics of photography and incorporate those tips into your pictures. Use the rule of thirds and make sure that the lighting of your subject is sufficient. By posting good pictures people will automatically come to your profile to see what you are posting.


  1. Use Hashtags

Gone are the days where using hashtags was something to be embarrassed about. Today everyone including the biggest bloggers use hashtags on their pictures. Hashtags are important because they expand the number of people who are using your picture. Use relevant hashtags to make sure that the people who care about the subject of your picture are the ones who are seeing them.


  1. Post Consistently but Don’t Over Post

We all have those people in our feeds who post 20 times a day on Instagram. It’s so tempting to unfollow these people because no one wants to see 20 different pictures posted by the same person as they’re scrolling through their feed. Post 1 – 2 times a day and make sure to spread out your posts by at least a few hours. This way people won’t get annoyed by your pictures and they’ll look forward to seeing your next post.


Let us know what you think – share your Instagram tips!


Picture: elitedaily.com